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Rockingham Motor Speedway's 10th Anniversary!

Rockingham is the only purpose built race circuit to be created in the UK since 1907! The circuit is one of the finest in the UK and truly unique with its anti-clockwise running and banking. The International super sports car configuration combines all the best elements of racing with high speed sections and highly technical sections that create a true challenge for any driver. If you haven’t already been make sure you make a visit!

Rockingham Motor Speedway's website

Stancombe Vehicle Engineering

Colin Stancombe - Stancombe Vehicle Engineering

Colin Stancombe has decades of experience racing saloon cars and has family run team that mean business, but remain firmly with their feet on the ground and take the pressure out of racing. Anyone looking for a team to run a saloon car could do considerably worse than giving Colin and his team a call.

Stancombe Vehicle Engineering's website

Paul Rivett

Paul Rivett - Race Driver Coaching and tuition

Paul is a double Clio Cup champion and has won over 30 races in the category, and is also a driver coach, without his help, guidance and openness I would not have been as close to the pace as quickly as I was, and I am indebted to him for his help. If you are planning on doing any track time then you can’t do much better than getting Paul in to help you with refining your technique.

Paul Rivett's website


V1Championship - Win a full season of racing

Since winning the Rockingham 10th anniversary competition, I have learned from Mark of V1Championship.com that they are running a competition to win a full season of racing in the Renault Clio Cup for next year, you simply need to download their software for the PC, start practising and doing virtual track time and their mental tests. They offer an even more incredible prize than the one I won at Rockingham (a one off drive!), it involves the full season racing in the Renault Clio Cup AND all the testing required to become competitive, with the added expert guidance from and tuition from double BTCC champion Jason Plato (Who has won more races than anyone else EVER in the BTCC), this is an totally immense prize and a fantastic opportunity for anyone with even a remote interest of being on the BTCC grid! If that is you, you should be entering this competition. I’ve doubled checked with them and thankfully I’m eligible and I will be fighting to get this prize too! If you are interested in winning a whole season of racing, get to their website now!


Live for Speed

Live for Speed (LFS) - Racing simulator - Racing game

The Rockingham track isn’t released yet, but when it is released, you are definitely going to want to get hold of it, their rendition is simply amazing. This simulator has a very realistic feel to it and if you have a PC and a steering wheel you have no excuses not to get this! Despite the current version not yet having Rockingham there is more than enough here already for this sim to be on every racing fan's computer.

Live For Speed website

Renault Clio Cup

Air Asia Renault Clio Cup

The Renault Clio cup is recognised as the breeding ground for future BTCC racers with a large number of the current grid having passed through this championship on their way to the BTCC. If you want to race in the BTCC you could do a lot worse than to race in this championship. ..if of course you can afford it!

Renault Clio Cup website

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