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My Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole week-end courtesy of Rockingham motor speedway and the build up to it!

I’m really annoyed it ended in the wall, but ironically this seems to have got me a little more coverage than I would have done otherwise!

Mark Gibbons Future WTCC race winner?

I was obviously disappointed to end my weekend hitting the concrete wall in an completely avoidable incident, but I didn’t know it was the last lap and was pushing the limits and refusing to give up, and I refuse to drive any other way, just not in my mentality to do so! In hindsight a simple lift or blend of the throttle would have easily prevented the issue!

From sitting in the car for the first time on friday, I was very happy with my performance up until that point and I was importantly quicker every time I got into the car (by chunks of time), which shows I hadn’t reached my or the cars limits, I was also running around 10Kgs over the weight limit (as I am quite heavy), I’m convinced that with a test day before hand I would have started the weekend about 1 second off the pace and not finished it this way, but I did what I could with my opportunity.

Mark Gibbons racing a young Nic Hamilton in the Renault Clio Cup

I still have the desire (this has never been in question!), still do the fitness training every day (committed!) and brain preparation as often as I can, and I am working to make myself rich enough to support my racing ambitions!

I proved that (in a competitive championship) I can work, and work at my driving and performance to get closer and closer to the front running pace. I want to race in the WTCC (FIA World Touring Car Championship), so still need to learn a lot more, but I proved that I’m a quick learner and can improve and improve.

I learned an immense amount about driving a race car fast over the weekend (From Paul Rivett, Colin Stancombe, following other drivers and most of all practice and more practice!), and know I'd improve all the time with more and more experiences like that.

I am now just waiting to get / to make my opportunity to perform at the highest level! I look forward to being back on the grid (at the front this time) and not in the wall ASAP!

I would like to say a very, very big “Thank You” to..

All the Rockinhgam Staff (Chris, Cat and everyone in the office)
Colin and Maggie Stancombe and everyone in the Stancombe team
Paul Rivett
Pauline, Lisa and the other Renault sport (SRO) staff
Jay and Mark from V1Championship
Alex Dolling
Steve Lacey
Leon Thompson
All my family and friends who came to support me!
All my family and friends who cheered me on, on the TV!
My beautiful and understanding wife!

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